Did someone hurt you many years ago?
Did someone desert you when you needed them the most?
And the pain stayed with you everywhere you'd go
And it's been so long now but you just can't seem to let it go

Maybe it's time to tell it you don't need it anymore

Did you lose someone that you loved?
Did they move far off or do you picture them above?
There's an emptiness inside you and it's worse when you're alone
And it feels so heavy now like you're carrying the weight of a stone

Maybe it's time to tell it you won't carry it anymore
We ain't got a long time and there's a lot to do
But first you gotta decide to leave some things behind

Maybe it's time to leave your chains behind

Did you ever love someone so much that you can't explain?
When you're with them it's like thunder keeps rolling through your brain
Maybe you've had someone before, but this one is not the same
You can feel it in the depths of your soul but you still can't bring yourself to say it

Maybe it's time for me to tell you I can be without you anymore

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