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Way up at the mighty mountains deep into the woods
We are gathered and we are back at las the night is ours
Tonight our shadows dancing in the light of a fire
This night is to be remembered, this night we'll free our souls

Tonight we are all together, tonight we all leave together
Where the darkness falls we are on our way
Tonight we are all together, tonight we'll leave together
This is our dream forever, now we are leaving

In the mighty woods I wander
Through the trees thou can see my shadow
By the cold wind in my skin
I behold my throne for thee my sorrow

Now the symphony plays my song
My voice thou hear in the night
I will never leave for no one else in my life
I will always sing my song for thee in the night

And now we are up together and soon we'll dance forever
Sing my choir let this night be remembered
Now my angel sing for the darkness
Forever dancing in this cold winternight

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