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I look to the sky, the sun has faded away
The moonlight shines down on me
The gods play their symphonies
I feel so lost I fall on my knees
I think about times that used to be
When we danced just you and me
I can't find the right words to say
I don't know how to say goodbye

Here, here I am, life is bright
There's no sorrow, nothing can stop us
Showed us hope, angel of my forest
Saw my perfect, in my own soul
Death is unfair, that's real pain
Remoun you, I'm almost dead
I've, I've lost my hope, my, my will to live
My last farewell, forever, all alone

In my eyes you see no pride
In my eyes you see no light
In my eyes you see a tear
In my eyes you see my fear
In my eyes you see my love
In my eyes you see no plight
In my eyes you see my hate
In my eyes you see my fate

Forever all alone

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Composição: The Sins of Thy Beloved. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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