Love ? laugh in your sleeve tonight
Flag ? follow to the lonely body
Lug ? lie in the soul hiding you

Game is over ! return to be.

Stay ! say in the little voice.
Play ! pay with the dirty money
Slay ! sail in the huge port

Time is over ! set me free.

So please one more try, so please one more play now.
So please one more life, so please one more fly now.
Must to be done, must be done.
Or not to be done ? wow.

Game is over ! delete all days.

Oh there's no more try, oh there's no more play now.
Oh there's no more life, oh there's no more fly now.
Must to be done, must to be done.
Just to be done, just to be done.
If you wanna somebody who nobody knows.
That's all, only end. now !

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