If...i can reveal inside.... (lie)'ll find out true night.... (lie)
If...i can reveal myself.... (lie)'ll find out blue vice.... (lie)
Cry ! so what ? christ ! so what ? cry ! so what ? cry !!

Still, (can i) keep on loving you ?
Still, keep on cheating you ?
Still, keep on healing you ?
Now! keep on loving you ?
Now! keep on cheating you ?
Now! keep on healing you ?
"true ?"

Sly ! why not ? slight ! why not ? sly ! why not ? sly !!

If...i will steal in yourself... (die) can slip in my side... (die)

Cry ! so what ? christ ! so what ? cry ! so what ? cry !!

Freeze ! pray down without you.
Freeze ! pray down without true.
Freeze ! pray down without blue.
"truth ?" no ! pray down without you.
No ! pray down without true.
No ! pray down without blue.
"truth ?"

Please tell me why the other side of this face and
Skins are there...
However sad, however hard i may be,
"endless"till the end.

Please make it true that satan
Who has angel's face coming now...
I'll drink up all, i'll pour in me even tears of your blood.

Still, may i keep loving you without fate? without rule ?
The answere will surely,
The answere is surely not go out for a long time...."if"

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