Foto do artista The Wonder Years

Flowers Where Your Face Should Be

The Wonder Years

Bright blue hydrangeas
Lost in the weeds
Bus stops and barbed wire on the way to stare
At the heart of the earth from the Poas peak
Just like the ones that we grew back in Jersey
Hung upside down, drying out for the wedding

There's a man with his head in his hands on the sidewalk
His wife's there behind him just off of the street
She scratches his back as he sobs on the asphalt
And the thing that strikes me most is the symmetry
How they're framed just like you and me
When the light from the hospital's eastern wing
Tangles up in your hair and the sadness it pooled in my heart
Starts emptying slowly

Well I saw you last night in my dream
And there were hydrangeas where your face should be

The redwoods feel lonely and lunar and distant
The sun comes in fragments through breaks in the trees
And I feel further from home than I've ever been
These thin lines of light across space tether you to me
They pull in my memories, back to our apartment on 2nd Street
Through the South-facing window the light catches lengths of your hair
Like a path that you left me

Well I saw you last night in my dream
But there were azaleas where your face should be

Pieces of us in the morning sun
Sleeping bags under the 101
She takes off his glasses and she falls asleep again
They don't got much but goddamn they got love

Well I saw you last night in my dream
I'm gonna marry you underneath driftwood from Crescent City

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