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The Wild Hunt


Hunted by the gargoyles through labyrinth,
Loosing Arianes thread.
I'm gone astray!
Tumbling into chaos without anything
And my holyguardian angel has walked away.

I'm chasing my shadow inside my own soul,
I am the presecutor of myself in the wild hunt.
The horned God takes me through infernal journeys.

The dogs are barking and the owls cry at loud,
Shadows are laughing and screaming in my ears.
I see the outline of the horned Man-in-Black.
He strech his hand to my left shoulder in fear.

ch: ...

I throw mysels into all the demons,
I cast myself into the wild hunt.
The forest is the labyrinth of fear
And all the dead is running in the hunt.
I give myself unto all my demons
And let them eat of my mind and soul.
I will gain strange powers in this ravage,
I cast myself into the wild hunt.

ch: ...

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