Qué Pasá en Mi Barrio?
My poor neighborhood is being under threat
No kids on the streets
the children's playground isn't safe anymore
Once the sun is down
Everybody shut themselves up in their rooms
The dealers rules the zone
The menace of the traffickers is out of control

Mi Gente is terrified
the bullets are flying like birds everywhere
and Where is the damn police?
they keep the oppression instead of protection
our childhood is on danger
they're using our kids as a drug transportation
and Mi Pueblo Sufre
it's now growing up in a wrong generation

Terrorized teens enslaved to work for the cartel of drugs
Trapped involuntary in an endless nightmare full of closed doors

Where is the help?
Where is the faith?
Where is the Aid?

The children's playground isn't safe anymore
and now the parks looks like fucking criminal hideouts
My family and friends are under threat, Intimidated and extorted
there is no turning back way, there isn't escaping back door.

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