How many times, you been denied
Continuously trying hard to be accepted
Jumang from place to place and being refused
There is no more priority than being abused

Seriously cheating your rights
Taking advantage from everyone
You're back in the line you're not in my life
No matter which is your politic-side

Tell me what to do, if you really think i should
No matter what we do, we'll look always like fools
The society denies everyone which is no alike
The racism what we live you won't never understand

How different think you are?
Do you really think you're smart?
You already lost your brain
Can't you see you're just a game
The system where we live it's the one we want to kill
The society is full, but a just full of fucking shit
Critizing it each other like if that shit doesn't bother
Look into my eyes i need my self respected!

How much blood has been already shed?
How much terror has been obviously spread?
Are you another victim?
Or the one who did
Reach into my veins
I need myself respected.

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