One Of These Days

Three Cord Wonder

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Woke up with a sore throat, on a sour note, with an attitude ready,
In the shower and im out of soap, with my towel soaked and the phone still ringing
No time to get my work done, i forgot lunch, and im getting hungry,
And im late on the way out, drive across town, and im just in time to be
Stuck in gridlock on the two twenty five
Waiting for the vice presidents car to go by
And now were later for a show that i dont really want to play,
Its just one of these days

Its just one of these days
Nothing is going right, i think im going crazy,
I cant see left or right, and up ahead is hazy,
I need you by my side, if im to make it safely,
I promise i will try, to see your grace, one of these days

Woke up with my mouth full, and i start to choke, cuz my throat is bleeding,
Call the ambulance and then we go, to the hospital, where i think im dying,
But they fix me up and let me out, back to our house, where i should be resting,
So its ironic when we got home, the water pipe broke, the garage is flooding,
Now theres water pouring out into the street,
On a night the weather man said gonna freeze,
And there will probly be car accidents because of all the ice,
And theyre gonna die

I wonder whats really going on when things around me fall apart
I wonder if its the hand of god producing all these strange results
I wonder why hes doing this because it makes no sense to me,
All things work for our good what does that mean?

(nothing is going right, i cant see left or right, i need you by my side, i promise i will try)

Composição: Andrew J. Meverden / Benjamin C. Meverden / Iain M. Ortiz / Joshua L. Evans · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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