Darkness will soon cover this once righteous life, nothing but an effigy daunting the annihilation
What was immaculate, now stained with impurity, watching this torso turn corpse, blood dripping from intestines as they are ripped from inside out, the struggle for exhalation, a need to fulfill my obsession as pale turns blue, the
Desire to penetrate the dead become overwhelming
Now, a trophy to remember my first, a sense of completion, the stench of her rotting organs now linger for eternity
My seed is growing slowly in this lifeless carcass
Life as a dirty fucking whore has brought you here to decay
Now, take this blade
Thrust it deep inside the torso, sifting through entrails
The feast will soon begin
The time has come
I must consume the mess I've made
Devour her insides cold, the taste of dead empowers me
Limb by limb, feasting till there is no more, once a lady of the night rots inside of me
I now control the victim
I've tasted the meat of the dead
Torn flesh ripped from the carcass now becomes a part of me
One with the dead, become one with the dead

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