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Michael Jackson's Conveyor Belt


Where did my illusions go?
I found out Michael Jackson ain't no longer a Negro;
I found he does his moonwalk with mechanical help -
Goebbels used the Big Lie, Jackson used a belt.

Don't think I'll ever be the same:
I found out Johnny isn't Diesel's real name;
I found that half of Hip Hop is just senseless rhyming;
New Kids on the Block weren't really miming.

Imagine how I felt
When I heard of Michael Jackson's conveyor belt.

There's a question I'd like to pose:
How come God is acting like he's Axl Rose?
How come Public Enemy are from the middle class?
How can Sinead O'Connor shave her head when it's up her arse?

Oh Michael, I believed
The greatest moon walk I'd ever seen;
And then I read in a magazine
It's done with machines.
I can take his plastic surgery;
I can take the manufactured lunacy;
But his nose ain't the only thing that's not for real -
My hero moonwalks on cogs and wheels!

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