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Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The House Of Repre


Will you be able to take the danger?
Can you stand the heat?
Will the honourable member for Blacktown
Resume his fucking seat?
It's in the parliamentary process
That true danger dwells:
There's a division that's required -
Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

Proportional representation
Really boils my blood -
All rise now for the entrance
Of the Usher with Black Rod.
"I warn the Honourable Member!"
The frantic speaker yells:
"I name the Honourable Member!"
Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

Questions without notice
Are burning in my soul -
When you're in a double dissolution
There's no time for rock 'n' roll.
"I'm a country member!"
Old Doug Anthony did yell.
Yeah mate, we remember -
Ring the bells! Ring the bells!

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