A Song About a Person On a Train

Tom Milsom

The most pretty human being
In the city was just sitting
Next to me
On the train today,

And I stared at them so long
I thought "there must be something wrong
Within the world
For me to not get them today."

And my silent pleas to God
For them to not get off the train
When next it stopped were quickly dropped
For wishing they'd get on again,

The doors would close upon my heart
And then the train would start to start
Upon it's way.

And sitting on the train,
I know I'd never see my love again.

The most pretty human being in the world
Had left the train a while ago.
And with their headphones on
They'd never hear me say what's wrong
Is that we're not together, you and me
Although I said it silently,

And I wish there'd been delays
While we were still within the city
So that I'd have had more time
Admiring everything that's pretty
About you,

Even though you wouldn't want me to.

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