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Anak Ayam

Too Phat

Verse 1 (Malique)
now imma kick a lil' som'n som'n funky for the fellas
and all them phat ladies who been actin overzealous
that tell us that Whattadilly? was really the best one
and they could hardly wait to check out the next
so I bless 'em wit phat verse fatter than tractors
a kiddy kinda voice a contributary factor
on how i let my phat words affect the fat gurl
they moonwalkin' backwards until they back hurts
now check this is hella fancy you in a frenzy
and you and your frens be, jumpin' like chimpanzees
i know our fans be waitin' us back so bad
so Imma kickin' a track and let you lay back and check
this easy playa, song you bump to on your cd player
tiggedy tellin' all the sleazy,cheesy haters see ya later
gimme the piece of paper with the funky ball point pen
some people they ready to battle but to busy to make an
oink oink man just take a look at that biggy that wanna be
he hittin' me upthe rooftop cause my group is too hot
your crew not, some fool said that my music is abusive
just like a two fists of Len Lewis when he too
you boo'd this but you think that my coo' ish amuses
your two sisters dig my voice drip woo juices
0,1,2-0,1,2 is how we do
we make the crowd they rowdy rowdy hooooo

woo-oo-oh Malique and Joe again,
they on the radioo-oo-oh
blastin' thru your fat momma's stereoo-oo-oh
dont wake up your neigbourso you gotta keep it
to all the playez in the club (freak freak to the beat)
all the honeys show me love (freak freak to the beat)
everybody throw it up (freak freak to the beat)
(freak freak to the beat)

Verse 2(Joe Flizzow)
biggedy back up in the b'nez again ya dream womans
dream man
the type that ain't gotta open doors and hold hands
to show love but i get down for sure love, ya know love
neva hold off
on gracius boos,that unheard off
WORD ain't it never or ever occured
i be pullin' stunts they kinda crazy and absurd
Joe Flizzow, Malique clockin' boos in scoo's and herds
when I'm grabbin' microphones they grabbin' my shirt
we contemplating, sometimes we complicatin'
amazin' phrasing got ya gazin tryina be chasin' the
they call me Joe the dragon and I dont mean to brag on
but JZow got his hands on experience to make ya hunny
go delirious
I'm serously silly so Whatthadilly? You got the beef with me
you gotta be jokin' don't try to provokin'
Joe and Malique we hot and we smoking


Verse 3(Malique)
yeah yeah we ain't thru until we take you fools on a
journey back to old skool
when it was all about love and brotherhood and
everything was crazy cool
check, we usta wear white Nike Air Force sneaks with the fly
grey Nike Air sweaters
and at the little playground next to the school is where
everybody got together
check it out, we usta drink and chill out in the park, and
freestylin' from top of the dome
then everybody would party at Moomoo's crib because the
mommy and daddy ain't at home
check, see i been chillin', Joe be chillin'
whole phat Family be chillin'
and still got it,love for thees
suckers thats down with me!


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