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Just A Friend

Too Phat

Verse 1
check have you ever met a girl
that you thought was perfect
you waited for her years
coz you know she's worth it
here's a lil story bout this girl i knew
since wayback in preskool
sometimes in 82'
she had em' two pony tail and a front tooth missing
with freckles on her cheeks cause her moms caucasian.
up on the tree house is where we chilled together
with carvings on the trunks saying friends for eva
she the type who laugh when they normally cried
and when they busy playin' house
we playin' bonnie and clyde
in grade skool every body knew we partners in crime
we usta bully kids in playground like all the time
we always seen holdin' hands to the principals office
the naughtiest in town and could no other kids stop us
in highskool she swithched her desk next to mine
so we could cheat while doing pop quizzes all the time
14th of february '93
jenny said she had a big suprise for me
gave me the very first kiss and plus a ring and a card
and said i love you
so i gave her the reast of my heart
a couple weeks later called her house at 10
the mama said i thought you suppose to be with jen
i quickly rushed to her crib
she just got out of a van
i'm like yo who was dat? oh he's just a friend

you,you got what i need
but you said he's just a friend
but you said he's just a friend

verse 2
so i took jenny's word for at,at this time
i thought just havin' a friend couldn't be no crime
coz even i had friends and baby thats for sure
just like watson, hailee, baby tash and joe
so we never talk 'bout the late snack with van man
we rather talk about the future we had planned
and what to name our kids al-tarique or syamar
ayeesha or tisha for a girl and
maybe even bring our kids to the little tree house that wechilled at
but then in '94 i couldn't help it to feel sad
little jenny had to leave me to go get a little knowledge
100 miles away in this place say they call college
first coupla months it was cool
but then it had changed you
she never called and really acted like a strange ho
one day i called, it was picked up by a man
i called again she picked it up and said
hey thats just a friend

You know, I know what you have been up to
I know you know what you have been up to

This guy in her study group's the one who picked up the call
Helpin' her in chemistry wit cycloxeanol
I got curious and asked her who else in ya team ?
She said Ali, Hassan, Noreen and Kareem
The next day I thought of givin' her a little surprise
But when in front of Jenny's dorm I couldn't believe my eyes
I saw the same ugly van i saw in '93
I found her room but guess what a brother had to see ?
A fella half naked wit' my gurl on the couch
And baby Jenny moaning, uggh uggh aggh and ouch
So please listen to the message that I sing
Don't ever talk to gurl who says she just has a friend

(repeat chorus)

verse 3
[Joe Flizzow]
A lil' casanova pimp, man I had my flings
Hoodrats to goodie hoodies I was lil' playa flings
I'll tell ya when my final year in '96
This hunny new in skool joined my class she really sic
She made her pinafore look like a dress from Rodeo,
And clean white shoes lookin' Ferra than Gamo's
And white blouse seemed whiter than everybody else's
Just like them ads on tv man this hunny was the nicest
I had to step to up my game I told her my name
She said her name was Wanda I found out
Thatt we lived in the same street she moved 5 block down
And after 3 dates and 6 banana splits I had it locked down
We was tight but had this lil' problem though
coz Wanda always acted funny when wit Mary Joe
But when I caught 'em kissin it wasn't funny no more
Baby smiled and just said she just a friend yo...

(repeat chorus)

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