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Sect of damned eyes


Faking facts around the world - so they do
Stealing from the poorest ones - no remorse
Picking out someone to pay the price - cleaning hands
Forgiven now for one more crime - God's deed

When the darkness is gone
and we see what with the light comes
Bodies burnt, heads rolling in blood
Witches' chastise
Heads that think further
than the shit that they preach
should be gone, destroyed in pieces
taken from the bones

Strong speeches with hidden snares - mass control
Getting soldiers to fight for them - slaves of faith
Contradicting it's own guide - dead hopes
Turning hell into paradise - fooling clowns

Hypnotised by the beauty
Of such words, they all go on
Whatever it takes, there's a reward
Pot of gold
Blind by the faith,
they could kill their own son
Heaven is here, waiting for our souls
That's what they said

From the old centuries
when beliefs were imposed
Things have changed, but not the essence
Truth of damned eyes
Since their time of bloody killings
Power is behind
Priests fed on golden meals
Sect of damned eyes

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