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Trust me


What do you think that's behind
the words that I said this time?
Do you think that was a lie?
Oh no baby, you're wrong, don't cry
I thought you knew me
too bad, I just don't slip
What I say is never nonsense
trust me, I'm not to blame

Do you love me, or you hate me?
Well it's time to decide
Can you tell me what's all of this?
C'mon honey, we can't just pass by
Wanna taste me, wanna fuck me?
I am ready, I am ready to fight
Do you love me? Let's see, then
Some feelings just don't die

I'm the one who can be strong enough,
fuck pretending, I don't like lies
It's worthless if you don't believe me
don't you worry, I'm not one of those guys
I can be flexible for you darling
but into some things I can't apply it
I walk on my own ground
Shits happen, let's handle, let's try

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