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There was a man who walked alone
Searching for the girl who had just caught his eye
I was a fool!, he cried
His mind had wandered
He blinked and the sky moved ever so slightly
He searched the city and she was nowhere to be found
Meanwhile she was floating downward, downward

Do you want your freedom?
Do you want my love?
Do you want your freedom
From the one you're thinking of?

There lied a lady
Naked and yet not knowing
A spell had chained her heart forever
Preyed upon by the wolves in Times Square
Fell into an abyss of thin air
Innocent 'n caged in sanctuary
There sat the dragon Lord playing solitary
Confined to rule the holy walls 'neath Hell's Kitchen

Do you want your freedom?
Do you want my love?
Do you want your freedom
From the man who lives above?

Suddenly a voice was heard
In a flash the brave young man appeared
The dragon whirled and caught him with his tail
Chased him to the stairway
Caught him halfway to the top
Sent him whirling down
Fireballs, summer solstice
The Dragon Lord descended down on him
She turned to look but saw only darkness, silence

You don't want your freedom
You don't want my love
You don't want your throat cut
By the Satan I'm thinking of

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