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Dirty Home


For my dogs
U understand
What it be like nigga
U know
Got to love this shit playboy
U understand
And these hoes definately got to jock this shit
U know
My nigga won't come down bout em and its all gravy
U Know
I gotta respect where you from though
Yall like to ride
But down bottom we live to survive
Aint no thang to me
And aint no way you can come down bottom and dont bling bling

Lately I been thinking about love doesnt offend happen to me
The only thing I always think of stays inside of me
Go on we get out the kitchen because my blish is cookin
Me and miss daisy kissin while aint nobody lookin
Cook out at my uncles house whole neighborhood gonna be there
Its the fourth of july so you know its on at the pier
I love them country girls with them big 'ol buts
Cant get my hopes up cause she probably my cousin
Some time when I get real homie and a nigga feel all alone
I put down my microphone time to go home

Home thin cotton rows
And them ganstas role on white wall rolz
With my grandpa cussin on this old dirt road
I clean up my stirty damn i wanna go home

I wont forget where I done came from before I even knew I wasme
Saw all the flicks of me and my moms playin with the moths in thetrees
And yes I do remember all them family reunions
A grandmama had 24 kids and thats the damn sure truth
Even when I moved to cali had to go back every summer
Grandaddy got so excited think Santa claus was coming
Gettin down in the middle of the road a party tonight
Me and g-house drinken bear gettin high as a kite
Even when i got bigga
Westside for life nigga
Whereever i go i take the dirty south with me

(Chorus 2x)

Thid one right here
Goes out to the dirty south
Where we all came from
Home of the struggle baby
For my grandaddy
I love him
Rest in peace

(Chorus to fade)

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