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exibições de letras 239

Come See Me


Yall come see me cause I really wanna hit tonight
Call up your job and tell them youll be sick tonight
And if ya girlfriends wanna do some shit tonight
Then go get them and yall come see me
Cause my niggas drinkin yack tonight
And wouldnt mind a little bit of ass tonight
And they sayin could you stop and get a sack tonight
On the way in will

Yall come see me
Girl i'm playin domino's
And the telly just showed the lakers scores
And you know we woopin niggas asses
I'm screamin domino
Again for that we need some hoes
So I'm picking up the telephone
So I can make it happen
My nigga Christina I like to get between ya
And Benny say bring me shelly cause she nice and chocolate
And please dont take too long

Yall come see me
Baby if I act up
No need to trip realize I'm yacked up
Just lean over on the counter let me smack it up
And dont you act like you dont like it
Cause I done had you in my lexo for hours
Lovin it and rubbin it i put a dub on it
Your girls your with they gonna wanna stay all night


Yall come see me
You ask me why I sing the songs i sing
And why am I so nasty
And I tried my best to answer
But your girl kept looking at me
And now I'm in the backroom with Shanae and Tami and you to
Get my socks blown off and I dont wanna talk
So can you ask me later it can wait until next time
(Chorus 3x)

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