Topic Of Conversation (Feat. Aaron Pauley)


Don't move my body,
I'm not inside right now
Did you think you where the only one,
Who likes to play games
Mind reader tell me what you know
Is God, sending you down
Someday day I'll come back for you
Show you a piece of my mind
Scattered brain a part of my delight
A scattered brain of lies
It's always like you to know my next move,
Observed my conversations
From across the room
I ignored your blank stairs as you watched me fall
It's always like you to watch me
You watched me fall,
Topic of conversation
I am now a psycho, oh no what have you done to me?
Angels don't exists, they got replaced by evil serpents
Running organized crime against holy profits
Captive in holding cell designed obtain the devil
Outer life enemies' underwater enemies
If I can't save myself how will I save the world.

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