A Vile Box Of Monsters


This is so bizarre
They never mentioned this before
I thought we'd make it threw the dark
Moments in space, still lost
I don't think I can make it anymore
I'm not not made for this oh god no god oh god
I took for granted,
I lost more then I ever had
What was I staring at that had me believing?
That I could be more then my eyes been deceiving
This evening, I'll stand up taller then you ever seen me.
Professional, confession
Extract it all, seduce its assembly
Shatter when you fall, you got a thing for deceiving
I was and found but still alone.
I don't sleep at all at night
I'm not a icon, I'm just a boy
Corrupting humans
I plan to destroy who wrote the script
You followed my steps all the way
You followed my scrip all the way
It's pitiful ho you're running out the back door
I wrote the script you followed my steps all the way
It's pitiful to me what you do, you followed my steps
As I chased them out the back door.
I'll stand tall alive like never before
but this time I won't fall down
I paid for my dues
When I saw the light, I forgot everything that I known
Sharpen up the night, open up your brain,
You're about to die

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