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True Party

Whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup,

So anyway, we live in a world where you are what you own
And the labels that ya wear and your mobile phone
Mean more than the soul underneath, what ya see
Kinda high price to pay for pretendin' that ya free
Don't ya think (say what)
(I don't know what he's talkin' about) (Whazzup)

Ignorant of history, limited democracy
Don't ya know some lies ya gotta close your eyes to see?
Whoever told you there was nobility in downward mobility?
Makin' less of what ya got than ya could and should be
Worshippin' the TV, pursuing notorierty
Don't you know some times lies are so big
So maybe then ya gotta just shut up
Listen, think, even close your eyes to see
Exactly what the...is up

whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup, whazzup

Though as I walk the valley of the shadow of death
Got minty breath and a Mercedes
Although I know they stay when I go so what
They're a hit with the ladies
I'm alive, gimmie big time Karma Sutra couture (suits you sir)
Gonna be so well dressed when I croak (game over)
Causin' a disaster, life is getting faster and faster
Take some time to chill
Read and contemplate any verse from Mr. Will (Shakespeare)
Got more than ya need like a medical fact baby
What the... is up

I never vote, cause it doesn't make one lota difference
Always got some genocidal maniac in the not-so-distant distance
Between the rich amd poor, ain't life a bitch
Gonna even up the score somehow, soon now
Gonna take it right to the door of the people who count
Infamous for their dexterity and veruosity
Twistin' the facts, I owe you how much fax
Spin Doctors (uh-huh) and lawyers man (yeah)
And judges too (yeah)
Even politicans ladies and gentlemen, amen

Gearge Bush, whazzup
Al Gore, whazzup
Clinton, whazzup
Tony Blaue, whazzup, whazzup
Putin, (ah), whazzup
Hussein, whazzup (yeah, what is up with you)
Milosevic, whazzup
Yo, the Pope, whazzup

As my lyrical blend finds a natural end
Take a deep breath and get ready my friend
To make yourself heard, it's the end of the world
Got a question for ya

Can you guess it (yes, you can)
Can you guess it (yes, you can)
What the.... is up


All around the world
London, Paris, New York, Moscow
Everybody shout about

(repeat chorus twice)

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