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Here We Go


Well it's a Monday morning at a quarter to three
And I'd rather go home if it were up to me
But you drag me down all over the town
The city is asleep and I'm feeling down
And I don't know why you're not sick of it yet
Cuz the scene is stale can we lay it to rest
And you never believe in an early night
Yet you seem to believe in pointless fights

Here we go
You move to fast
Here we go
Slow down you'll crash
Here We go
You move to fast for me

Do you have to keep on partying everyday
Or is that how you chase the blues away
Last call at the bar but you're ready for more
And you'll never be done until you're flat on the floor
You just don't seem to see that your life is a mess
And I just can't keep up with your worst at my best
I could beg, I could plead, I could ask you to leave
I could scream my head off but you don't hear me


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