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Summer Song


You never listen to a word that I say
But I'm not making sense anyway
It's summertime so I don't really mind

Yeah radio is playing our song
And the sun is shining all day long
The top is down and nothing could go wrong

Hey Yeah Yeah
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

You took a job at the record store
Cuz you were tried of being broke
You should be woring but you're reading magizines

You never call me when you say you will
Always collect and I foot the bill
When it comes to romance, boy you're just a failure

Hey Yeah Yeah
Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Who am I to expect a reply?
It's the same sad story as last summer
I fell for your act, it's a real sad fact
I believed that we'd always be together

Now the sun is getting really annoying
And I can sense that you are trying to avoid me
This summer sucks, but it's winter in Australia

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