Lord, you are good and your mercy endureth forever and ever, your power is greater than anything
Because of your grace I have life everlasting and more abundantly lord you mean everything

And I will worship you most high, and I'll bless your name o god, for you are worthy of the highest praise
Hallelujah to your name

Blessed, be the name of the lord, most high there is no one above, you are perfect in all of your ways
Strength of my life you are everything, holy, that's what the angels sing, and I owe you the rest of my days

And I will worship you most high, for you are lord of all the earth, you're the king who reigns forever
Hallelujah to your name

Savior, your love has lifted me, master I live for you totally, my heart is now and forever your's
Jesus, your name above every name, king of kings, lord of lords you reign and the devil is defeated today

Oh oh oh

And I will worship you most high, and my heart shall sing your praise, for the name Jesus has all power
Hallelujah to your name

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