Now it’s time to celebrate, all banners raised
I got the victory, the victory
Because the devil is defeated and god be praised
I got the victory, the victory
Every situation I face I win
I got the victory, the victory
And everything works for my good in the end
I got the victory, the victory

I thought I lost
But actually I won
For by his blood we all have overcome
There is no failure
Our god can never lose
And that same power it now belongs to you

I was on my way to a burning hell
The devil he had my life set up to fail
But thanks be to my god who causes me
Triumph, overcome, to tread upon the enemy

Somebody who’s listening
Right now you think you’re losing
You feel like you can’t win
Cause you’ve tried everything
Greater is he that is within you, don’t doubt
Whatever you’re in now, god said, you have to come out

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