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Beyond The Human Mind


There is this secret place where reality is made
From fake dreams, full of empty fantasies
Facing limited infinity where shadows dance in flames
From darkest dreams a cry of sorrow sings

Feeding the terror inside
Weakening my bravery
Drowning in my own beliefs
Distorting the meaning of things

Seeding the darkest dreams
World of shadows and sins
Ashes fed by pain and fallen tears

Children of the universe, a blessing within a curse
Drops of hope from this paradise of mine
Free the spirit flies, no more reasons to hide
The rising energy

In a world of deepest caves chaos of ignorance reign
Rules the of eternal youth watching a new age in bloom

There is this secret place
Where light spirits' embrace
Dreams made by transcendent melody

The end of innocence dusting the remains
Nothing is everything
Behold the empty mind chasing meanings in the skies
Are we all cursed to believe in vain?

Tear down my world of make believe
Facing my fears I am brought to my knees
Drowned in my dreams, numb and mesmerized
The answer comes far beyond the human mind

All the things I touch, converging destinies
Emerging in an endless synchrony
Dancing to the sounds of time my fate has found my will
Chasing light and now I see

Listen to the sounds of time, motion into symphony
An everlasting spin redrafting the meanings of things

Make your sacrifice
Reach your paradise
Be master of world of your own
The wind touches your face and sweet melody plays
Arise, here you belong

Tear down my worlds of make believe
Silent screams echo from my intimacy
Holding back my promise
How could I be so blind?
I'll find the answers beyond the human mind

Close my eyes to see
My soul is free to breath
Beholding a new kind of dream
Across the brightness of myths
A treasure bringing back my humanity

Tear down, my worlds of make believe
Seeking in my sorrows the key to wash my sins
Columns of illusions must be left behind
The answers come far beyond the human mind

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