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No Oblivion For Eternity


Say your magic words,
Declaim your holy spell
To the place you are it’s time
For you to say farewell
Fourteen is the number,
But only one holding the key
The jackal keeps the scale,
What is the weight of all your deeds?

Lighter than a feather, untouched is your heart
Washed by the marshes, ‘eternity’ and ‘sea’ they are
Guarded is your name carved in the shrine
For in the realm of dead not dying one more time

Feel free, you’re entering paradise
Holy faces will lead you through
The walk into the light
On the hall of the great majesty you are
You have all the guardianship
In the gates of the netherworld

You shall run the way
And you will find the silence place
But remember that you are
Free to return one day

Where the story of your life
Has been told more than once,
Where you put your faith
And prayed for your beloved ones
And to fall to fate.
Walking through the fields of reeds
And to face your fate,
Never mind the dark of deep

Here you are,
And all the keepers shall open the path
Time to unveil the secrets at last
He said hard was the journey
And dark was the way
“Oh, all these seventy days…I promise,
I’ll return again!”

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