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Call Dr. Music

Vanessa Petruo

They gonna break your neck
They gonna sell your ass your face's printed on broken Glass, ah
It's gonna make you high
Even if you cry
Oh my darling, I think
This life's such a lie

They gonna fly with you Call
Till the day you sell no more
Even if they love you so, ah you're in war Dr

Yeah it's cool,cool,cool
To be young and such a fool, but the day your face is out Music
There's nothing cool about it,no,no,no

Call doctor music
Please help me doctor
Give me a reason to believe
Where is the music
Held me doctor
So many doubts

So what do you wanna do Lyrics
If they tell you that you can't do what you wanna do
Be strong and just do what you gotta do
Break out,break out and run,brak out,come on and run in Advance this is your second chance

You feel so sexy so you dance to every song and the dj, Yeah he loves you on and on and on

You play Ms. rock'n'roll but nothing's in your hands one Breath, it's gone take your second chance, come on Alle

Call doctor music,yeah
Call doctor music,yeah

Be strong ...
And do what you gonna do...