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oh mama lilla would...

oh I'm petrified baby
cause I don't know if I'm right
I guess I'm lost in all my visions
how could I not make'em true
if mama lilla told me to
to trust all my intuitions
oh come on

I got things goin'on, it's plain to see, I never leave until...catastrophe

It's getting superbad now
I'm overwhelmed by you
I thougt it wouldn't happen
but I'm back I wanna touch you yeah
It's getting superbad now
I'm smelling your perfume
It makes me crazy baby
I really wanna touch you

oh I'm startin' something
and I'll jump to make you see I won't perish if you don't like me, no
but as long as I'm here, come on let me tell u I'm sincere
and never leave until ...aha - catastrophe

oh pokin the fire, chargin electricity