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Good Morning, George

Veggie Tales

Laura Carrot:
Good morning, George. How are you?
I hope you're feeling fine!
I'd love to stay and talk but it's almost eight o' clock
and I haven't got the time!!
Because we work we hard at the Chocolate factory
We start at eight and we don't get lunch 'till three
I've gotta drive a truck
To make a buck
So I can send it home to my family!!

Mr. Lunt:
Well now u are in trouble
Your timecard is a wreck!
It's almost two past eight
I'll tell Nezzar that you're late
And he'll take it from your check!

Laura Carrot:
Yes, Mr. Lunt

Mr. Lunt:
Oh, yes we work REAL hard at the Chocolate Factory!!

Excuse me, Mr. Lunt, but I've got an injury!!

Mr. Lunt:
Now get back on the line
You'll be just fine
With all this work to do we've got no time for sympathy!!

Larry the Cucumber:
We used to be so happy

Bob the Tomato:
We used to laugh and run

Juinor Asparagus:
But there's no time to play
'cuz we've gotta work all day
and it isn't very fun!!

I'm Rack!

I'm Shack!

I'm Benny!

All three:
We work here in the plant!
We'd like to take a break!
For goodness sake!
But Mr. Nezzer says . . .

Mr. Lunt:
You can't! Ha!!

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