Resting In The Palm Of Your Hand

Versus The Ocean

Sleep, smile for the dream
Another fantasy to sing girl
Take me
Sway, love in the breeze
Feel the rhythm of the trees girl
Take me

Oh God I'm asleep!
Oh God lets dream
Sleep now!

Love, the poetic dream
Where you don't have to think girl
Take me
Sway, or just float away
This ship of dreams we sail oh,
Take me

Oh God I'm asleep!
Oh God let's dream
Sleep now!

I'm losing it, I'm losing it!
It's just beyond my grasp
It's just beyond my reach
Slipping and slipping away

Pull my face off the floor
Wash the blood from my chin
Wipe the tears from my eyes
This wasn't meant to be easy

I'd run forever to you
Just to stare inside your eyes
'Cause I need what you've got
And I'll be what you want
So let's take this dream and make it real

Oh, and in this moment time stops
Oh, my eyes are closed and you're here
Oh, just let my arms surround you
Your hands will hold my heart forever

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