What to say when you just don't know?
Echoes of voices ring in my head
Amidst all the pressure it seems as though
You've come unraveled, and love's all but dead

Oh, how the tug-of-war rips in my chest
Between you and the girl I used to know
It's as if the cruel hands of time
Are tearing my insides completely apart

But I've invested so much,
That it feels like I'm losing touch
Days of dreaming thought and wonder
Were just that

Save your words for me, you coward
You know you're just out for yourself
That's what we've created here, love
We're just the puppets, guided by string

So I'll sit on these stairs
With your ghost in the air
Thinking of the last time I saw your face
And forgive me my love
But your words aren't enough,
To save you, to save this, to save us this time

Don't you tell me it's ending this way
I won't believe it. I won't believe it
Just listen to me this once
Don't you come back here ever again

Save your words
Save your words
I refuse, I refuse to believe them
Save your words
Save your words
I refuse I refuse to believe them
I refuse to believe them

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