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Hitokiri No Kurixxxxxu


The morning I woke up earlier than my alarm
I rubbed the window that was foggy with the sigh of night
Throu the words I drew. Today is once again rain...
Just when I felt as though I could tell that person...
I tried so many times, so many times to forget. All alone,
all alone.
I got over the night I regretted, cried and suffered I
[I love you]
*Silent night and holy night, I'll put a spell on you
available only tonight.
Now, I faintly remembered the slightly bitter feeling of
my first love.
[I have something to tell you. At 6pm...]
I blush alone with that e-mail I can't send.
So many times, so many times I was afraid to lose you. I
don't want
to hear your stories of love with a dead look anymore
December twenty-fourth. I want to get over that one line
On the row of keyaki trees on the avenue. Tens of thousands of dreams that bloom in winter
When the lights came on, the lovers in front of me drew even more strongly closer.
I haven't gotten an e-mail from you yet, but it looks like
the rain has turned to snow
I decided I wouldn't let myself touch anyone but you.
[hitokiri no kurixxxxxu]

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