Wreathed in dreams a fading light
Floating cold and passive in control
If I may trust my sleepers eyes
My dreams presage some woeful fate

Seething plague of the mind?
Or priceless pearl from force divine?
On and on beyond in time
Our dreams presage the changing days

The poets glimpse is in his rhymes
A flash for the politician callous in reply
A glance for thieves portrayed in crimes
Their dreams presage of unchanging ways

Windows in the wall appear when questioned
Curtained placements I have seen

Shadows on the floor contrast
Explore the ones that last for what you need

Situations, conversations, expectations
Ever changing scenes

Answers in demand to understand these crux un- coverings
We dream

For the people in the rain, shelters on the way
All the people led astray, soon you'll find your way
For the soldier in the field, waiting to be killed
For the orphan all alone, left without a home
For the preacher out of faith, faith will find a way
For the undertaker's son, buried with his gun
Just listen for the lark's song

All around the people say they're waiting to awake
To make these broken hearts go

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