(Verse 1)
I was wrong
I'll be the first to admit
I wasn't strong, at time I wanted to quit
I let You down and I know what it ain't right
But living without You I can see
That life just can't be for me
Walking round trying to play the part
Down inside no one could sed my broken heart
Feeling like I'm bound, but I really wanna be free
What I'm really trying to say is that
You can't take you joy from me

Don't take your joy from me
Without it where would I be
Like a ship tossed and driven
No reason for living
Don't take it away, don't take it away

(Verse 2)
Your joy is my strength I know
Without it where would I go?
Now I understand what you really mean to me
They can say what they want to say
But I'm gona keep on loving You this way
They say you don't miss your water till your well runs dry
Well I'm sure 'nuf missing you
I ain't gone tell no lie
I wanna come home
Would You please let me in?
I'm really trying' to make You see I want to start over again.


Without You no joy, no life, no reason to live
I give all that I am
So do what You want to
What I'm really trying to say is
Don't take Your joy away


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