Foto do artista Virtue

Jesus Paid The Ransom


Jesus Paid the Ransom with his blood
Said he rescued me and he washed my sins away

He forgave me, when my life was lost
Jesus paid the cost and he saved me
He made me whole and restored my soul
He is always right on time
And he loves me inspite of my mistakes
Thats why I say

I'm no longer heavy hearted I ain't gotta cry no more
Every single day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before
I'm trustin' in his word, I'm leanin'
On the everlasting arms I'm joyful in his grace recievin'
The burden of my sin is gone


I was on the verge of giving in, searching for the light
I tried to go my on way but I just ended up lonely(oh my)
Just when I gave up thought that all was lost
I found my redemption at the cross
Thats why I say


Chorus 2x

He paid it all7x

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