Now we see the colors shining through the stained-glass windows.
I just wanted to see if I could do it;
If I could let everyone down,
So I wouldn't have to claw my way any higher.

My chest is like a bombed out city,
Hollow, empty, and full of debris.
My eyes won't even open.
If I could, I would take your hand away from here,
But your wrist is chained to mine.
Where we are is who I am.

I remember sleeping in, bathed in light, sleeping deep,
Lost in each others embrace, like pieces to a puzzle we never could complete.
I remember your city...

Tell me, once the vultures die, who circles?
Will it be us in our own sad drill spin to the center,
Even deeper if we could?

We aren't the people that we were before,
I barely recognize you.
Who you are is nothing that I wanted.

"You say I'm comfortable, yet your calloused hands couldn't keep us together.
Your hair is growing thin and the seasons are changing. I wish I could cry."

I remember your city, and everything you made it out to be,
The warm lights shining through the night.

You sat in your room, in the comfort of your home.

In time you grew proud and finally embraced your name.
Now I am thorn in your side. go live in hell.

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