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She's Always Right

Clay Walker

She's perfect for a cotton dress
Pretty when her hair's a mess
A little wine and she gets a little loud
Once or twice she's bleached my jeans
She's been known to burn the beans
But in my heart there's never been a doubt

She's right as rain on a thristy cornfield
Right on the money about the way that I feel
A cool breath of fresh air
When life tries to burn me down
She's right behind me when I doubt myself
A little push and a hand to help
A quiet comfort on the troubled night
Right beside me yeah she's always right

Well she's the first to speak her mind
Never been the quittin' kind
She likes choclate
About as much as she likes me
She likes talkin' on the phone
Calls the mall her second home
I love that girl yeah she's just right for me

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Composição: Phil Barnhart / Richie McDonald. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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