That Was All About


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So this is ending... So this is where I understand
A man who's mendind... and I would walk if I could stand...
What have I learned? By following this journey's end
The pain I've earned is the message I send to you

They burned my fine years and turned me to a reflection of ash
I spared them my ice tears so now it`s time to show them the lash...

But time is flying and I'm not gifted with wings
So I lay down crying whispering my dying wish...

Fallen stars and rising scars...


So this is how we dance faltering and breaking
There's no such thing as chance... forgive the others for our bad
This is how we fall, we leave no trace behind
But maybe my tears will quench the thirst of a mind
Nothing is to stay we are just trivial androids
And what is wrong with what? I say: It's not our fault!!!
And so this tale now ends in tears but nothing more
Cause all of these are just words of a madman, of a wasted soul...


Fly away... I want to lose myself in a day dream, in my mothers voice
Singing me in sweet sleep
I lay myself deep in your womb, where it all began
Give me one more chance to face this world with a smile
My wounds are so hostile against time that they won't close
No matter what I do, so please just let me dream away
And... go...