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Won't Eat Prunes Again

"Weird Al" Yankovic

It was just the other day
When we to Joe's Cafe
Just to order up a couple steaks to eat.
But we noticed something wrong.
All the Worcestershire was gone.
But the waitress brought a different kind of treat.

She said this sauce was the chef's new creation.
Guaranteed, it's a new taste sensation.
But she warned us it's made out of prunes.
"Try a little if you dare.
Nothing can compare."
So we had some and now we swear
We won't eat prunes again.

That was such a dirty trick.
Boy, it really made us sick.
Well it looks like we've been done in by the prune.

Still the memory lingers on.
I been livin' in the john,
'Cause I've had the runs since Monday afternoon.

I'd sell my soul for some new constipation.
Need a cure for this new aggravation.
Diarrhea has taken its toll.
Still got the runs today,
Just like yesterday,
Buddy, that's why I'm hear to say
We won't eat prunes again.

Won't eat prunes again!
No no!


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