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Where does it go when it's gone
All of the love that we had
I wish I could make you remember, oh no
The rock that we built this upon
How could it just disappear, like it never mattered
I don't know how to watch you leave
But there's nothing left to say,

It's easier to walk on water
It's easier to part the sea
Then to live another day without you
And just forget about what you mean to me
It's easier to reach the heavens
Then for us to work this out
I haven't prayed in so long
But if it brings you back somehow
I guess I need a miracle right now, right now

I'm stranded at the end of the line
With no way left to get home
But I'm not ready to surrender, oh no
I'm still willing to fight
But it seems like changing your mind
Is harder than ever,
I don't know how to watch you leave,
When there's so much to say


Almost nothing is impossible
Our love can open any door
But it's impossible to let you go,