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I Loved That Hoe (Ft.Sleazey_E)

White Bob

White Bob Intro: White Bob! With Sleazey E ya'll. I've
been havin woman trouble lately. Had me this fine hoe...
she went and pissed me off. Maybe this song will help
explain what i'm on about. It's called I Loved That Hoe...

(White Bob)
Yeah I loved that hoe but she bought me nothin but sorrow,
Guess she only wanted me coz of my dough
Met her at the bus stop on a hot summers day,
Asked you fancy a ride and she said okay
As she got in my car I was delighted to see,
She had the most dope-a-licious ghetto bootie
And after going for a little cruise about the town,
We got down to business with the back seats down

How the passers by they did stop and stare,
At that bitches legs thrusting up in the air
We should have drove to a more secluded spot,
But she just couldn't wait coz I made her so hot
Now the sex we was havin it was fantastic,
I was lovin her pussy and she was lovin my dick
She said 'Ooh White Bob, you're gonna make me cum'
I said 'Hold up bitch, i've only just begun'

Now for a while this relationship was going real great,
We'd meet up early and hump till late
But the mistake I made so all you fellas know,
I fell head over heals in love with that hoe
Bought her for her birthday this pure gold ring,
Actually a cheap one from Argos but it looked like the real thing
Then I found out this bitch she was cheating on me,
But worst of all it was with Sleazey_E

I Loved That Hoe (x2)
And that's fa sho...

I'm sorry didn't know she was ya bird White Bob,
She forgot to mention it while suckin on my nob
But you're certainly right she was one hell of a hoe,
Going up and down on my dick like there was no tomorrow
Guess she didn't really think she was doing much wrong,
The thought of fuckin two rap stars really turned her on
And I know the reason now why you call me Sleazey,
But I ain't shaggin her no more and thats fa-sheezie
See when I broke it off guess what she did say,
She prefered White Bob in her mouth anyway
That hoe really played us for fools and did real bad
I walked away from her and I really was quite glad

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