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It's White Bob!

White Bob

Now you can see me round Folkestone bumpin gangsta shit,
Mr White Bob in ya mouth with a new dope hit
Cruisin down the streets in search of a hoe,
Recognise that car? It's my Fiat Cinacento
You may wonder where the headrests are,
Some motherfucker threw them out of the car
Don't you laugh, that shit ain't funny,
Gonna phone his home number and tell his mummy

Say, whos that honkie that you love to hate?
It's White Bob!
Who's that honkie who's always stayin up late?
It's White Bob!
Who's that honkie with the dopest flows?
It's White Bob!
Who's that honkie that pimps these hoes?
You know that's White Bob!

Now people round here they have started to wonder
Whether White Bob is just a one hit wonder
Sure, they all enjoyed Grandma Don't Be A Snitch,
But ever since that record came out I haven't done shit

Just took some time out to study the rap game,
Stroke a bit of pussy in a major way, yeah
Going at it like this and like that, oh
How I love to stoke a pussy cat

But I know the real reason why the fans are annoyed,
Cos they jealous cos I'm rappin with Hu$tleboy floyd
He'll appear on this mixtape later just for you,
Just hope when he hears it he decides not to sue

Repeat chorus*

In ya mouth bitch! & I'm out...

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