David Wilcox

Clear blue sky
Looking through my father's eyes
Way up high
A diamond made of nylon flies

Out of a fishing reel
the string is drawn
fishing for dreams up there
and songs

That's why I'm laughing

Last time I held this line
the pull was strong
could it be that much time
has gone?


That's why I'm laughing
That's why I'm laughing
That's why I'm

Years gone by
Looking at my father smile
Way up high
The kite he made could really fly

Quick as a box-kite wind
The time can be
Leaving the kite he made
For me

That's why I'm laughing

'Cause even with all this change
And time between
You can be here, so clear
With me


Feeling the pull so strong
And far away
Knowing that dreams still fly

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