I wrap around you skin to skin
We sleep inside this curl
And after how alone we've been
It's like a whole new world

My heart had felt like years at sea
Freezing and afraid
Breathe the life back into me
Kiss me warm that way

New world - big horizon
Open your eyes and see it's true
New world - across the frightening
Waves of blue

The old world had attractions
But hunger in my soul
Resumes and power plays
Where lust was just control

Roll me over slowly
Warm, sun-baked sand
The ocean of my loneliness
Has carried me to land


New world - sun is rising
We were wise just to see it through
The new world second chance
For me, second chance for you

A mile or more of shoreline
And no one else around
And the way my heart is pounding now
I feel as if we've found

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