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Heavenly Minds

Wind Rose

In the corners of eternal minds
The same thought was designed
Then became an image of an early world
Dressed in feelings divine

Drops of blue from the sky
Fall down to the rivers and
Crawling down to the stones
They crushed the green to the earth

When the meaning of life was defined
And the spirits released
Silence slowly gave way to the fantasy
Where the eyes could not see

Colors rise and combine
Stars align for eternity
Worlds take shape undefined
Under the rhythm of heavenly minds

Forgotten and lost in the maze of oblivion
The shadow was dwelling in sorrow
And craving to raise a reality
To seize a new world

Floating in the mist of darkness
Growing hate and growing stronger
Fervid lies into the tempest
Swearing for a reign of blindness

When the morning comes they will hide
And gather in the nightfall
Leaving space to the immensity
Who builds the day and draws the night

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