Outside the sun is shining
kids are making noise
Dani called and told me
there's a party down at Kai's

There's little work to do
it can be done tomorrow
I grab my keys, my leather
and I'm out of trouble & sorrow

I'm sitting in my car
my stereo is puking
don't car 'bout anything
don't wanna live forever

I'm cruising - aha aha
I'm only cruising - it's fun to waste my time
I'm cruising - aha aha
maybe I'm loosing - I don't care
cause I am only cruising

I hit a few red lights
and sometimes I'm too fast
Then something tries to stop my fun
I'm out of gas

Ain't no big thing today
somehow I got some money
And after I filled up

I remember I should've payed the phone

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